One World

Wherever I go, you are always there
You give me power to do everything
You are so beautiful and you are so warm
That's why I love you, I gotta be with you

Cause you're my best friend
You are my precious love

Everything you do makes my feeling so good
You light up my world, help me grow you're sunshine
I won't be discouraged my life is getting better
You make me feel like I can fly
Believe I'm gonna give it a try

Hey you ! look at the sky
What you see is no limit of your life
Hey you ! look at the sky
There is no limit in your life

We are the people who can love each other
Love till the end of life
We'll never be lonely as long as we're together
Everything is gonna be alright

Just give me your smile
It makes me happy
Thank you for everything
We are in paradise